An interview with Yury Andreevich Usov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, the head of the DLNP Sector of Low Temperatures.

Yury Andreevich graduated from the Leningrad Refrigeration Institute in the specialty “Cryogenics and deep freezing”. And in 1973, he started his career at the JINR Laboratory of Nuclear Problems as a trainee. Now he is the head of a sector. In 1973―1975, Yu. A. Usov took an active part in developing the world’s first frozen polarized target still being used at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute. In 1978, with an active participation of Yu. A. Usov, a frozen polarized proton target 60 cm3 in volume developed at JINR (later also upgraded) was successfully launched at IHEP.

In 1990s, the scientific team headed by Yu. A. Usov received two INTAS grants for modifying and launching the MPT facility (previously used at Fermilab, the US) in experiments at the accelerator Nuclotron. In 1997―2000, with an active participation of Yury Andreevich, a temperature measurement system for the cryostats of the ATLAS liquid-argon calorimeter was developed, and also above 700 platinum thermometers were precisely calibrated (according to the agreement between JINR and CERN).

In 2000s, the cooperation between the Sector of Low Temperatures and the Institute for Nuclear Physics in Mainz (Germany) and the University of Bonn (Germany) significantly broadened. Polarized target cryostats were developed and manufactured for these institutions.

At present, the DLNP Sector of Low Temperatures is getting ready for new polarization research at the VdG accelerator of Charles University in Prague (earlier, a special frozen polarized target was manufactured). Yuri Andreevich authored and coauthored more than 150 papers. He is the laureate of several JINR Research Paper Prizes.

Filmed by Anastasia Malyshkina