Here is a nice photograph we have found in the DLNP archives.

The entrance checkpoint and the building of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (LTF) are featured in it. Considering the clothing style and cars, the photograph may have been taken in the early 1960s. The main point of attraction is the balcony of the LTF cafeteria which was the centre of social life and professional discussions of JINR employees. Later, the balcony was glazed.

There were always a lot of people in the cafeteria, especially in the morning, till the era of mass production of coffee machines came. The LNP (after 1999 DLNP) employees had their cup of coffee here. Vladimir Ivanovich Komarov, the DLNP chief researcher, recollects, “Of course, we went for a cup of coffee to the LTP cafeteria. It was a bit annoying that the queue often moved not forward but back — employees “reserved” queue positions for the cohort of their colleagues. Imagine, one comes and joins the queue of a few people. And then they came running up, “There is a reserved position for us!” And one moves back…


1960е вид на проходную