The head of the Sector of Theory and Calculation of New Accelerators of the DLNP Experimental Department of New Accelerators Oleg Karamyshev, a candidate of physics and mathematics, is talking about a new patent for the invention “Compact superconducting cyclotron for proton therapy using beams with the ultrahigh dose rate (FLASH)”. The authors of the patent are O. V. Karamyshev, G. A. Karamysheva, I. D. Lyapin, V. A. Malinin, D. V. Popov, G. V. Trubnikov, G. D. Shirkov, S. G. Shirkov. The invention was patented on 14 July 2022.


Filmed by Anastasia Malyshkina

More about the invention

The invention refers to the particle accelerator equipment and can be used in medicine to treat cancer with protons and to produce different isotopes for nuclear medicine. The engineering result is simplification of beam ejection since a lower intensity on the deflector is needed while accelerator compactness is kept. The shapes of the yoke, magnet sectors, coils in the ejection zone are nonround and repeat the shape of the orbit of accelerated particles. At the edge of the magnet sectors in the ejection zone, a chamfer is made that also repeats the shape of the accelerating particle trajectory.



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We heartily congratulate our colleagues on receiving the patent!


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