The holiday is coming. A good reason to remember folk art which was in full swing in laboratory rooms on the eve of holidays and anniversaries when employees created real congratulation masterpieces for their colleagues.

However, wall newspapers were produced not only on holiday occasions. For example, a special editorial board issued “Impulse”, a regular wall newspaper, at the Laboratory of Computing Techniques and Automation (now Laboratory of Information Technologies).
It might be that such newspapers were also created at our Laboratory. If you know something about it, we will be grateful for any recollections from you.

The process of designing an amateur press media of a scientific institution is vividly featured in a novel by the Strugatsky Brothers “Monday Starts on Saturday”:

“Forget it”, said Roman. “We’ll find out later. Where are the poems?”
Stella jabbered all those we managed to make up. Roman scratched his chin, Volodya Pochkin gave an unnatural neighing, and Korneev commanded, “Sentenced to be shot. With a large-caliber machine gun. Will you ever learn to write poems?”
“Write them yourself,” said I angrily.
… Edik Amperyan tried to slip away with a psychoelectrometer, but he was caught, tied up and thrown to repair a sprayer needed for creating a starry sky. Then Pochkin’s turn came. Roman gave him an order to retype notes simultaneously editing the style and orthography. Roman himself started walking around the laboratory and peeping over everyone’s shoulders. For a short while, the process was in full flow…

Authors of festive wall newspapers and posters put not only their skill but also their heart into the work. Have a look at congratulation newspapers from the Museum-Study of Bruno Pontecorvo and note with how much love and diligence they were made.