The results of the 2022 JINR Grant Competition for Young Scientists and Specialists have been announced. There are 17 of our young colleagues, DLNP staff members, among the winners.


results 2022


Grant for young researchers

Ilya Igorevich Vasilyev

Viktoriya Dik

Anton Sergeevich Dolzhikov

Aleksandr Viktorovich Lapkin

Andrey Maltsev

Nijat Agil Mirzayev

Dmitry Vsevoldovich Popov

Anna Erkinovna Sirenko

Anna Vyacheslavovna Stepanova

Zaza Chubinidze

Vladislav Igorevich Sharov


Grant for young specialists

Nikita Sergeevich Gorshkov

Sergey Aleksandrovich Evseev

Aleksandr Borisovich Maslennikov

Mikhail Andreevich Rumyantsev


Grant for young highly-skilled workers

Maksim Mikhailovich Kolbin

Pavel Dmitrievich Morozov


We heartily congratulate our colleagues and wish them further success in the upcoming year!