The lecture “About allergy, longevity and SNP” will be given by Anastasia Rusakovich (DLNP Sector of Molecular Genetics of the Cell) at GEEK PICNIC 2021, an International Festival of Science and Technology. Anastasia will talk about two systems elaborated by our geneticists for determining predisposition to allergic diseases and human longevity.

The lecture will be given on 21 August at 17.45 in Moscow (Bagration Bridge pier, Taras Shevchenko quay, 23A).

GEEK PICNIC is an International Open-Air Festival of Science and Technology intended to surprise and to fascinate. This is a great place for productive networking of all those interested in science advance and innovations.

GEEK PICNIC 2021 will be held for the first time on a boat! Art and high technology will unite on one boat which will start its amazing trip every hour. 18+!


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