The JINR Department of Licensing and Intellectual Property announces that on 26 October 2020 the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research got a patent for the invention “Resonant capacitor charger”. The authors are Sergey Nikolaevich Dolya and Viktor Ivanovich Smirnov.

dolya patentMore about the invention

The resonant capacitor charger refers to electrical and transforming technology and can be used for power supply of pulsed loads. The invention solves technical problems both of charging the capacitor up to the voltage which many times exceeds that of the power source and of reducing charging time. The device turns on the power source, series connected transistor, inductor and capacitor. The charge-exchange inductor and the limiting transistor are connected to the capacitor in parallel. Due to the capacitor overcharge to the opposite charge voltage, the charge current amplitudes increase in magnitude from one cycle to another. Thus, the energy transmitted to the capacitor also increases from cycle to cycle, and charging time of the capacitor reduces.

Dolya pic