The SC230 superconducting cyclotron was designed for the JINR medical research programme implementation. The accelerator is able to provide an intense beam for a new and promising flash therapy method.
The SC230 is an isochronous four-sector compact cyclotron with a 1.7-T magnetic field in the center. Superconducting coils will be enclosed in a cryostat, all other parts of the cyclotron are “warm”. Acceleration is performed at the fourth harmonic mode of the accelerating radio-frequency (RF) system consisting of four resonators located in cyclotron valleys. The accelerator will use an internal Penning-type source with a hot cathode, and the low magnetic field makes it possible to use the external axial beam injection. The results of computer simulation of cyclotron systems are presented.


The project authors are Bunyatov K. S., Gibinsky A. L., Gurskiy S. V., Karamyshev O. V., Karamysheva G. A., Lyapin I. D., Malinin V. A., Popov D. V., Shirkov G. D., Shirkov S. G.


1. Karamyshev O. V. Current status of the SC230 compact superconducting cyclotron project.
2. Popov D. V. The SC230 Magnetic system: calculation of forces, errors and tolerances.
3. Malinin V. A. CORD (Closed ORbit Dynamics): A new field map evaluation tool and the SC230 beam dynamics calculation as an example.

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