Mikhail Zarubin and Kirill Tarasov from the DLNP Sector of Molecular Genetics of the Cell were invited experts of a new episode of RIA Novosti’s popular science podcast “We all will die. But not for sure”. The lethal radiation dose for a human is 3 to 5 Gy, and a tardigrade can withstand radiation of 10 000 Gy. Which genes do allow this animal to survive such tremendous radiation, and is it possible to insert them into our DNA? How cellular machinery works, whether genes can be switched on and off, and how they can be repaired. JINR scientists explained us molecular genetics.


The specialists from the Sector of Molecular Genetics of the Cell of the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, a biophysicist Mikhail Zarubin and bioinformatician Kirill Tarasov, discussed whether developing a vaccine against radiation is feasible, and how stress activates genetic mechanisms of protection.

Episode experts: Mikhail Zarubin and Kirill Tarasov
This episode was produced by Artem Buftyak and Artur Arushanyan
Edited by Anastasia Panioti

The news is published on the RIA Novosti’s website on January 12, 2023: https://ria.ru/20230112/genetiki-1844187060.html