This kind of device can be applied to tumour treating or electric vehicle charging.

Russian scientists have developed and patented a device to multiply capacity, in particular of a new accelerator for tumour treatment. As announced by the Press Office of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), the device can also be used for fast charging of mobile gadgets and electric vehicles.

“The device for producing sawtooth voltage on the charger allows fulfilling the task of multiple increase in capacity of a facility where it will be used. This device is expected to be a part of a new proton accelerator MSC-230 intended for tumour treatment. Apart from application to accelerator equipment, the device can be used for faster charging of mobile phones and electric vehicles,” reads in the press release.

According to JINR, this invention follows up the idea of the previous patent “Device for resonant capacitor charger”. Using the first invention, scientists managed to reach an increase in voltage on the capacitor in an electric circuit.

“We have specified that we can not only resonantly charge the capacitor up to high voltages using this method but also produce a sawtooth voltage on the capacitor,” said Sergey Dolya, a JINR researcher and a co-author of the invention.

Earlier, only a quarter of the charged particle beam could be used in proton accelerators purposefully. The new device for producing sawtooth voltage on the capacitor will allow increasing the beam density and minimizing losses. As stated in the patent, the voltage produced will exceed many times that of a power source.

At the end of 2021, JINR developed the design project of the Medical Superconducting Cyclotron for 230 MeV. This type of accelerator is planned to be later constructed in each of 19 JINR Member States.

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