Exactly 30 years ago, on 26 August 1991, an Order on departization and depoliticization was issued at JINR according to which any activities of party or political organizations at our Institute were prohibited. Georgy Alexandrovich Chelkov reminded us of it.

Приказ о департизации

He wrote:

“Dear colleagues,

It happened somehow unnoticed that I became a veteran.

And so, I believe I have one more task to complete — to make everything I can to keep traditions and to describe events from the JINR history which I witnessed or was involved in. I believe we need it for keeping the history as vivid information shared by participants with the next generation, and not only as archive documents almost unknown to anybody or forgotten.

Life at JINR before the Order was completely different compared to that of a present day. And I do not think that it was awful then and it is great now. As it usually goes, everyday life of employees was neither black nor white. I find it an intriguing point to discuss, however not during working hours (in view of that Order) and not only on the DLNP website.

Best regards,