The results of the 2023 JINR Grant Competition for Young Scientists and Specialists have been announced. The competition is organized by the JINR Association of Young Scientists and Specialists. There are 16 staff members of our Laboratory among the grant holders.


1. Grants for young researchers were awarded to

Baimukhanova Ayagoz
Dik Viktoria
Evseev Sergey
Egorov Prokhor
Zavadsky Vitaly
Malinin Vladimir
Rozhkov Vladislav
Seitova Diana
Sorokovikov Maksim
Yakhnenko Alena.

2. Grants for young specialists were awarded to

Boikov Aleksandr
Gorodnov Ivan
Trifonov Aleksey
Chetverikov Aleksey.

3. Grants for highly-skilled technicians were awarded to

Blinov Aleksandr
Kolbin Maksim.

We heartily congratulate our young colleagues and wish them every continued success!