WhatsApp Image 2022 10 05 at 06.49.32From 7 to 9 October, the All-Russian Festival NAUKA 0+ will be held in Moscow. The festival is aimed at explaining in a clear and simple way what science is, what scientists do, how scientific search improves the quality of life, and what prospects it opens for a modern society. The festival is intended to communicate science to a wide audience and to present the most recent scientific achievements. The slogan of the 2022 festival is “Creating Future”.


JINR projects will be located at the Exhibition Centre “Expocentre”, at the Shuvalov Building of MSU, and at the MSU Fundamental Library.

On 8 and 9 October, at JINR stands at Expocentre, guests are invited to attend workshops on physics, chemistry, and electronics, and also the exposition “Planet of the future” where objects used in advanced scientific research will be displayed.

At the MSU Fundamental Library, visitors will be familiarized with JINR basic facilities and projects – the NICA collider complex, the Baikal-GVD neutrino telescope, the DC-280 Dubna cyclotron, and the Medico-Technical Complex.

The Wilson Chamber, so popular with visitors, will mesmerize them again by tracks of flying particles. And those interested in the main types of ionizing radiation from surrounding objects (alpha, beta, and gamma radiation) can attend a specialized workshop.

On 8 October, in the lecture hall of the Shuvalov Building of MSU, listeners will have a unique possibility of visiting lectures on the latest scientific achievements:


“Physicists and fine art specialists: why do we need each other?” by A. Yu. Dmitriev and O. S. Filippova (Laboratory of Neutron Physics of JINR).

“From Monte Carlo to Mars: calculation of radiation inside a space ship” by I. S. Gordeev (Laboratory of Radiation Biology of JINR).

“Radiation protection with the unique tardigrade protein” by K. A. Tarasov (Laboratory of Nuclear Problems of JINR).

“NICA: back to the future” by S. P. Merts (Laboratory of High-Energy Physics of JINR).


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