From 16 to 20 May 2022, for the first time after the coronavirus pandemic, the in-person meeting of the DUNE collaboration was held at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab, the US).


Collphoto DUNE2022DUNE meeting attendees at Fermilab


The DLNP researcher Alexander Selyunin arrived there to participate in the meeting. He gave a talk on the light readout system of the liquid-argon time projection chamber of the DUNE Near Detector. This system is being developed at JINR, and our Institute is responsible for its components, such as the mechanical structure, photodetectors, power-supply and readout electronics, and also software.

Alexander reported the status of work and the results obtained with his participation in testing the Module-1 prototype in Bern in February 2022. The main result of new tests was the increase in light collection and improvement in time resolution, and also the significant reduction of the event detection energy threshold compared to the 2021 test results of previous detector structures.


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A. Selyunin is giving a talk on the test results


The work on new detectors is performed in several directions at JINR. Firstly, the mechanical structure and the technique of wavelength shifter coating are being upgraded. Secondly, the most advanced photodetectors are being selected. And finally, parameters of electronics and related signal processing algorithms are being optimized.

Besides the current system status, the schedule of beam tests at Fermilab with four prototype modules assembled to a 2x2 matrix and the start of full-scale detector construction were discussed during the talk.

Nikolay Anfimov,

Head of the Sector of Research Methodology

DLNP Experimental Department of Particle Physics