The JINR Department of Licenses and Intellectual Property announces that on 2 December 2021, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received a patent for the invention “Device for Producing a Sawtooth Voltage on the Capacitor”. The authors are Sergey Nikolaevich Dolya and Viktor Ivanovich Smirnov. We congratulate our colleagues on being granted the patent!

More about the invention

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The device for producing a sawtooth voltage on a capacitor refers to electrical and transforming technology and can be applied to physical loads. The invention solves the technical problem of producing on a capacitor a bipolar sawtooth voltage many times exceeding the voltage of the power source. The device comprises a power source, a transistor connected in series, an inductor and a capacitor connected in parallel with a charge-exchange inductor and a limiting resistor, both connected in series. In the established process, amplitudes of voltage in the capacitor remain constant from cycle to cycle due to scattering of the energy, equal to that supplied by the power source during capacitor charging, off the resistor.

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