Today, the exhibition of paintings by Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, the DLNP chief researcher V. I. Komarov has been opened. Relatives, friends and colleagues of Vladimir Ivanovich got together in the exhibition hall of the Culture Centre “Mir”.



The directors of DLNP and of the Culture Centre welcomed the quests. Warm heartfelt greetings and wishes followed, memories were shared. And there was much to remember! A long-lasting scientific career of Vladimir Ivanovich, his numerous passions and achievements — everyone knew a story to tell. The guests wished, of course, good health and reaching new heights, not to stop developing, go on creating.

We, in turn, congratulate Vladimir Ivanovich on the personal exhibition and wish him a long prolific activity in science and art!

The exhibition is opened at the Culture Centre “Mir” till 30 June from 15.00 to 19.00.