patent pliThe JINR Department of Licensing and Intellectual Property announces that on 23 April 2021 the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research got a patent for the invention “Laser inclinometer”. The authors are Yulian Aramovich Budagov and Mikhail Vasilyevich Lyablin.


More about the invention

The invention refers to measuring instruments and can be used to precisely measure angle inclinations of objects on the Earth’s surface in small-space mounting conditions, e.g. for monitoring the angular position of large-scale constructions (high-raise buildings, bridges, overpass roads, tunnels etc.). The device comprises a platform on which a single-mode power-stabilized laser is mounted in such a way that its beam path is perpendicular to the surface of the liquid in the cell with viscous liquid dielectric. Between the laser and the liquid there is an optical element which deflects the laser beam reflected off the liquid surface and a position-sensitive photodetector made of dividing plates with a registration unit measuring the platform inclination angle. The technological outcome is reduction of laser inclinometer dimensions.