patentThe JINR Department of Licensing and Intellectual Property announces that on 29 January 2021, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received the patent for the invention “Method for determining genetic predisposition to human longevity”. The authors are Elena Vladimirovna Kravchenko and Anastasia Evgenevna Ivanova.


More about the invention

The invention refers to biotechnology and is a method for determining genetic predisposition to human longevity based on data about the genetic version of the locus rs2802288. The polymerase chain reaction is performed in real time with DNA extracted from biological samples using oligonucleotide probes and primers. The rs2802288 polymorphism of the FOXO3A gene is analyzed using allelic discrimination. Genetic predisposition to human longevity, which increases life expectancy of 100 years by a factor of 1.5, is anticipated to be in case of identifying of the AA(rs2802288) or AG(rs2802288) genotype, and not to be in case of identifying the GG(rs2802288) genotype. The invention provides an accurate, simple, fast and low-cost way to predict genetic predisposition of an individual to longevity.

Photos by Igor Lapenko.