ХаржеевYuri Nikolaevich Kharzheev, a senior researcher of the DLNP Experimental Department of Multiple Hadronic Processes, has been granted the Honorary JINR Employee Title for his achievements and long-lasting scientific activity at JINR.

Yu. N. Kharzheev, Candidate of Physics and Mathematics, is a highly skilled experimentalist. While working at JINR, he was involved in many experiments. His first studies examined processes of particle production in interactions of pions with nucleons and carbon nuclei at 5 GeV at the JINR synchrophasotron using a propane−freon bubble chamber. Afterwards, he investigated production and decay processes of K mesons with the GIPERON spectrometer at the U-70 proton synchrotron in Protvino.



Yu. N. Kharzheev was engaged in two large international collaborations—D0 at Fermilab and COMPASS at CERN—where he contributed a lot to development of experimental facilities. Over the last years, Yu. N. Kharzheev has been actively participating in the Mu2e collaboration searching for coherent muon−electron conversion in the field of the nucleus µ-N → e-N. Together with his colleagues, he is performing extensive methodological studies aimed at increasing efficiency and reliability of the muon veto system of the Mu2e spectrometer.

Yu. N. Kharzheev is an author of more than 350 papers in particle physics, experimental methodology in accelerator physics. He published several reviews in the journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei. Yu. N. Kharzheev was awarded JINR Prizes in methodological research competitions three times.

Our heartfelt congratulations to Yuri Nikolaevich Kharzheev on conferring the honorary title! We wish him the most important thing—good health!