1) “Compact Precision Laser Inclinometer, an innovative instrument for angular microseismic stabilization of interferometric gravitational-wave antennas”.

Methods to reduce the overall size of the Precision Laser Inclinometer (PLI) for its application in the small-size vacuum chambers of sensitive elements of gravitational-wave antennas were developed. It was shown that the position sensitive method, a divider plate method for detection of angular inclinations of the PLI laser beams, allowed reducing the PLI overall size to a cube of 11x11x11 cm or a cylinder 15 cm in diameter and 11 cm in height, which simultaneously increased the detection sensitivity for angular inclinations of the Earth’s surface by a factor of 1.9.

The functioning of the Precision Laser Inclinometer measuring complex was reviewed. Data taking, device remote monitoring, printed circuit board development and replication of the inclinometer control system and its network as a whole were shown.

Read more ...At the end of October 2019, in the experimental hall of the Northern Mirror of the VIRGO interferometric gravitational-wave antenna (IGA VIRGO), the second Precision Laser Inclinometer (PLI) was installed. From now on, the two inclinometers are operating at VIRGO, and their task is to investigate angular noise from the Earth surface inclination caused by surface microseismic waves. These are the precision laser inclinometers, that made the detection of the noise of this kind possible. The second inclinometer enables the research of additional noise resulting from the operation of both the mirror seismic stabilization system and the equipment at IGA VIRGO.

Read more ...Во второй половине сентября 2019 г. состоялся визит президента Академии наук Республики Узбекистан Бехзода Садыковича Юлдашева в ОИЯИ. Поводом для визита послужило вступление академика Б. С. Юлдашева в должность Полномочного представителя Правительства Республики Узбекистан в ОИЯИ. На встрече с руководством ОИЯИ обсуждался процесс восстановления полноправного членства Республики Узбекистан в Объединенном институте ядерных исследований. Восстановление полноправного членства Узбекистана в ОИЯИ открывает широкие возможности для расширения научно-технических программ, в первую очередь, самого Узбекистана. В частности, в рамках визита прошло обсуждение применения прецизионного лазерного инклинометра (ПЛИ) для предсказания землетрясений на территории Узбекистана. 



Read more ... On 5-15 August 2019, the Precision Laser Inclinometer (PLI), an innovative instrument for monitoring angular microseismic activity, was installed and put into operation on the VIRGO Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Antenna (IGA) premises by a group of scientists including B. Di Girolamo (CERN), M.V. Lyablin (JINR), and N.S. Azaryan (JINR). The PLI will help reduce the effect of angular microseismic ground inclinations on the IGA sensitive elements, which will improve the IGA sensitivity in the range of frequencies corresponding to the merging of black holes and neutron stars in the universe.