International INFN School SOUP2021 of Underground Physics
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от Понедельник 28 Июнь 2021 -  08:00
до Пятница 02 Июль 2021 - 17:00

SoUP  2021 is an advanced school for PhD students, post-docs and young researchers willing  to gain deeper knowledge in topics related to underground physics.

The school includes lectures and hands-on sessions on:
✔ Physics 
✔ Detectors
✔ Instrumentation technologies

A poster session is also foreseen, with online presentations by the students. Proceedings are also envisaged.

The School  is open to everybody in the world  working on underground physics. 

The school will be held from the 28th of June to 2nd of July, 2021 in online mode.


Topics and lecturers:

  • Dark Matter phenomenology. Lecturer: Nicolao Fornengo (University and INFN of Torino)
  • Neutrino phenomenology. Lecturer: Marco Pallavicini (University and INFN of Genova)
  • Noble Liquid Detectors. Lecturer: Cristiano Galbiati (Princeton University and GSSI, l’Aquila)
  • Solid State Detectors. Lecturer: Karoline Schaeffner (Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich)
  • New Photon Sensors and Readout. Lecturer: Alessandro Razeto (INFN LNGS)
  • Statistics and MC for underground physics. Lecturer: Oliviero Cremonesi (INFN MIlano Bicocca and GSSI)
  • Cryogenics for noble liquid detectors. Lecturer: Guillaume Plante (Columbia University, New York)
  • Cryogenics for ultra-cold detectors. Lecturer: Carlo Bucci (INFN LNGS)
  • Material screening. Lecturer: Roberto Santorelli (CIEMAT, Madrid)
  • Hands-on session  on statistics: Alessandro DeFalco (University of Cagliari, Italy), Pietro di Gangi (INFN Bologna)

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