EVKravchenkoThere are several structural divisions at the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems that still continue working during lockdown. They are the Directorate of the Laboratory, Group of Information Networking and Physics Experiment Automation, Department of Electrical Technology, Section of Warmwater Supply and Ventilation, Economic and Administrative Division, Section of Molecular Genetics of the Cell and Group #8 of Phasotron Department responsible for the life support of the unique drosophila collection.

“Under the circumstances of social distancing and suspension of scientific and educational activities, we have focused on the preparation for the summer session of the Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) in order to submit the project documentation on time (one month and a half or two months before the review) supposing that the PAC session will take place in June as usual. Within this preparation stage, the seminars with physics reasoning behind the projects and Science and Technology Council (STC) sessions are being held. Our activity is rather intense, there are three seminars each week on average and a STC session twice a week,” – notes Deputy Director on Science Vladimir Viktorovich Glagolev.

As soon as the quarantine was set at JINR, DLNP seminars and STC sessions were transferred to the Zoom platform. That is why seminars were not put on hold at our Laboratory, on the contrary, their amount increased. The number of seminar participants is steadily rising up, and last Wednesday reached the mark of eighty. The transition to online networking was smooth, fast and without cancelling the previously announced seminars. The Group of Scientific Communications supports the Lab’s Directorate in maintaining seminars, social media announcements, as well as in assisting attendees of virtual meetings and processing video and other materials.

Those who could start teleworking did it at once, and they perform their tasks successfully, take part in the seminars, STC sessions, collaboration meetings. Those, who could not, stayed at their workplaces. All of them, at home and on site, are now doing their job. Moreover, many of them claim they do at home even more, the number of tasks and responsibility increased.

All our activities are fully captured on the Lab’s website in the NEWS section and on social media. Considering our priorities, the press release of the Baikal expedition 2020 has just been published also in the JINR weekly newspaper “Dubna: Science, Community, Progress”.