The past impacts the present right to the extent a person let it. If a person believes the past determines his/her present, the impact of the past becomes significant. If a person believes the past does non affect him/her in any way, his/her present does not depend on the past. Until there is no connection between the past and the present, a person does not feel the impact of the history. Creating the history, a person changes his/her perception of the reality. The present linked with the past becomes wealthier, more compelling and mindful. And since we have to practice social distancing, let us sometimes merge into our past making our present more complex, meaningful and valuable. We are going to start our journey in 2014.

From 8 to 10 September 2014, the 25th anniversary meeting of the A2 collaboration was held at JINR. This group of scientists and experts comprised researchers from many scientific centres from Germany to Croatia, on the whole, more than 110 people. The most important research direction of the collaboration was the study of double spin asymmetries in the interaction between quasi-monochromatic polarized photons with the energy reaching 1.5 GeV and polarized protons and deuterons. The researchers from the Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems participated in elaborating, creating and operating the frozen polarized proton-deuteron target.