IMG 2003Yesterday, the 15th International Training Programme For Decision-Makers in Science “JINR Expertise for the Member States and Partner Countries” (JEMS-15) was launched. Leaders in science and education, coordinators of the future JINR Information Centres from Armenia, Vietnam, Egypt, Cuba, Turkey, the Republic of South Africa and Russia arrived in Dubna. For the first time Russia was represented by Kamchatka. This time, the Training Programme was organized in a compact four-day format. Today, the attendees have visited our laboratory.

DLNP Deputy Director Vladimir Viktorovich Glagolev welcomed the guests. Maksim Gonchar went on with the talk about the JINR foundation, scientific directions and Neutrino Programme of our Laboratory. The visit concluded with a guided tour at the Photodetector Testing Laboratory given by Aleksandr Antoshkin, Ilya Butorov, Vladislav Sharov and Aleksey Chetverikov.

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