“Studies of Geodynamics and Possibilities of Predicting Earthquakes in Armenia. Laser-Inclinometer Observations in Armenia Aimed at Investigating the Stress-Strain State of the Earth’s Crust”

Seismicity studies, seismic hazard, risk evaluation in big cities or near important power-producing and hydroengineering facilities, as well as monitoring and earthquake forecast are extremely important practical tasks in science. They are not only of socioeconomic but also of strategic significance, since they are responsible for people’s lives and material values.

The purpose of the report was to consider the implementation of a joint ground laser-inclinometer system for predictable monitoring of major earthquakes, as well as to participate in the development of the optimal PLI network for observation of the Earth’s physical phenomena caused by active natural and anthropogenic impacts. The establishing of a joint experimental site of the ground system for predictable monitoring of major earthquakes in the Republic of Armenia was also discussed.