first corp bLast Friday, the 70th anniversary of the launch of the JINR Synchrocyclotron was celebrated. At the festive lunch, heroic creators of the Synchrocyclotron, all veterans of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems were honoured. The whole history of the oldest JINR laboratory, all achieved and world-recognized results of its scientific staff, considerable experience accumulated in the fields of nuclear physics, high-energy physics, condensed matter physics – all this is closely connected with the launch and long-term successful operation of the Synchrocyclotron in Dubna.

The creation of the Synchrocyclotron with high, world-record for that time energy of accelerated protons and deuterons became possible, on the one hand, owing to the constant support of the country’s top leadership, as well as of the scientific leader of the Soviet Atomic Project Academician I. V. Kurchatov. On the other hand, it was possible due to the existence of the scientific school of highly qualified nuclear physicists founded in the pre-war period in the Soviet Union. Achievements of these scientists were as good as those of foreign physicists.

Participants of the development of the Synchrocyclotron were first to solve complicated technical and engineering tasks never met before in the scientific and building fields. All specialists participating in the creation of the facility were marked with sole responsibility and competence in the entrusted task. Leading engineers and scientists took part in the accelerator design, experimental and mathematical research, and exploitation of the facility. Among them, there were M. G. Meshcheryakov, V. P. Dzhelepov, V. I. Veksler, I. G. Kabanov, A. L. Mints, D. V. Yefremov, E. G. Komar and other scientists whose achievements were marked with governmental awards.

In spite of the complexity of the project and a vast amount of building and installation work, this large-scale physical facility was constructed within an unprecedented time never achieved before in the Soviet Union.

Over the years of the synchrocyclotron operation, numerous unique experiments were conducted, significant results were obtained, scientific discoveries were made, and all this brought the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems the status of one of the world-best scientific centres.

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