2019 12 25 20.10.01Summing up the results of the passing year, the NOvA group at JINR presented its scientific achievements in a new way, with oscillation contours as cake decorations!

On the cake icing you can see the results of the year 2019 of the oscillation data analysis obtained with neutrino and antineutrino beams in channels of electron neutrino appearance and muon neutrino disappearance.





The Dubna group researchers actively participate in the achieving of these results. The Remote Operation Centre (ROC-Dubna) has been operating for more than four years. Computer resources for data storing and processing are being built up. Measurements on the test stand using the NOvA detector elements are being performed for refinement of the experiment model. Cross sections of neutrino interactions with atomic nuclei are being theoretically described.

The Dubna scientists thoroughly analyze the experimental data: neutrino oscillations are being studied; cross sections of neutrino interactions with the matter are being measured, atmospheric muon fluxes are being evaluated; the Supernovae detection system is being developed; exotic particles are being searched for, in particular, a magnetic monopole.
The Dubna group actively collaborates with the GENIE, SNEWS, GNA teams.

This year, many reports were presented at international conferences (EPS-HEP, APS-DPF, CHEP, NEC, PHYSTAT-nu) and workshops (NOvA/T2K, SNEWS, NUSTEC, GENIE).
Young researchers of this group enthusiastically take part in various JINR events. They won several prizes of the winter and summer Session of the PAC EPP, Youth Conference YASS and Youth JINR Prize Competition (in the nomination “Experimental Physics”).

The NOvA group scientists from Dubna wish their colleagues all the best for the coming holidays! Happy NOvA Year!