Today, on 16 October 2019, the scheduled training session on actions during fire emergency for the staff members of the Scientific and Experimental Department of Elementary Particle Physics (SEDEPP) and the Sector of Intermediate Energy Physics/the Sector of Rare Processes (SIEP/SRP) took place in Building 3. The training led by senior health and safety engineer Dmitry Malov was held according to the plan. The first step was the instruction on accident prevention delivered for the staff members in the conference hall. The second one was the discovering of a fire in the meeting room (Do not panic! Just a training!) by the senior inspector of SEDEPP. She called the fire brigade (Phone number: 216-45-01) and asked the girl, who was passing by, to activate the fire alarm. Meanwhile, the secretary of SIEP/SRP reported the incident to the DLNP electricians (Phone number: 216-24-21) to make them de-energize the Building 3. After fire alarm activation, the staff members left their working place. At the same time, the head of the Department of Accelerator Neutrinos checked the rooms, not letting anyone to stay in; appointed three responsible representatives to control the main and two emergency exits and prevent in this way the entering “the building on fire” by unexpected guests. Afterwards he reported the total evacuation to the arrived fire brigade. The final step presented the most exciting event of the safety session – the use of an extinguisher to fight a fire. Tomorrow, the training session will start as previously planned in Building 4.