DSCF6657In spite of high wind, rain and continuous jet lag, the tough School participants moved slowly one after another in the early morning to “Khutorok”. This is the name of the public building containing Medical Bath #2. A Conference Hall located on the first floor of this building hosts all the School events and indoor activities. During the break, you can go out onto the balcony with a cup of coffee and look down at people swimming in the pool, which is filled with thermal water, and foretaste the same pleasure after dinner. However, “otium post negotium”, and that is why “lectures first”.

The final part of the series of lectures on up-to-date experiment in particle physics delivered by Igor Boyko opened the day.

The second lecture was the third part of “Nuclear Physics” given by Stepan Shimansky. Director of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics held the third lecture on neutron physics. After lunch break, Andrey Sheshukov (DLNP JINR) continued this fruitful day with the lecture on particle physics applications. The spectrometry workshop by Nikolay Anfimov and Aleksandr Selyunin was the last event of the day.

The scientific programme was completed!

With a clear conscience, we could enjoy finally the warm water of Kamchatka’s healing thermal springs.
The next day, from early in the morning, the School participants would be presenting their reports, and afterwards, leaving for a boat trip.

Photos by Andrey Yudin.


The building of the swimming pool "Khutorok" where all the events and activities of the School take place.


Stepan Shimansky




Stepan Shimansky




The School participants



Valery Shvetsov (FLNP JINR)


DSCF6635 copy

Andrey Sheshukov (DLNP JINR)





Spectroscopy workshop

IMG 1810 copy

IMG 1816 copy


Views of the health resort where the School takes place (from quadrocopter)

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DJI 0015

DJI 0018

DJI 0017

DJI 0020

DJI 0022

DJI 0029

DJI 0041


To be continued…