In the DsTau experiment at the CERN SPS, an independent and direct way to measure tau neutrino production following high energy proton interactions was proposed. Tau neutrino might be a key to understand interactions between heavy flavor leptons and quarks, however, it has hardly been studied among the standard models particles. The experimental measurements has been suffered by large uncertainty in its production. As the main source of tau neutrinos is a decay of Ds mesons, produced in proton-nucleus interactions, the project aims at measuring a differential cross section of this reaction. The experimental method is based on a use of high resolution emulsion detectors for effective registration of events with short lived particle decays. Recently, the project was approved by CERN SPSC.
The motivation of the study, details of the experimental technique will be presented as well as the first results of the analysis of the data collected during test runs, which prove feasibility of the full scale study of the process.