To make a contribution to the nucleon–nucleon scattering data array is one of priority research directions for the ANKE collaboration. These data are needed both for an advance in the understanding of nuclear forces and for description of meson production processes and other nuclear reactions at intermediate energies.

ANKE measurements of the cross section, vector analyzing powers, and spin correlation coefficients in the reaction dp → {pp}s n, where the pair {pp}s is in the 1S0 state, gave information on charge exchange amplitudes of the small-angle neutron–proton scattering.  The COSY–EDDA experiments on the elastic pp scattering provided the main data array for the partial wave analysis above 1 GeV, and the ANKE experiments complemented those data with measurements at small angles inaccessible at EDDA. The differential cross section and the analyzing power were obtained at angles 5º < Θcm< 30º in the energy range of 0.8 to 2.8 GeV.

Elastic pn scattering is studied much more poorly than pp scattering, especially at energies above 1.5 GeV. Analyzing power in elastic proton–deuteron and quasi-elastic proton–neutron scattering at small angles was measured using a polarized proton beam and a deuterium target at 796 MeV and five energies from the range of 1600–2400 MeV.

The ANKE experimental programme and new results on pd and pn scattering were reviewed.