NOvA is the accelerator-based experiment located at Fermilab (USA) and designed to study neutrino oscillations (appearance of the electron neutrino and disappearance of the muon neutrino in the neutrino/antineutrino beams).It is one of the new-generation experiments with two detectors arranged at an angle of 14 mrad with the NuMI beam from the accelerator and separated by 810 km of earth formation.The primary goals of the experiment are search for CP violation in the lepton sector and measurement of the neutrino mass hierarchy and a few oscillation parameters with a better accuracy.
At the seminar held on 23 November2018, Lyudmila Kolupaeva reported the results of the first joint analysis of the data obtained using a neutrino and an antineutrino beam with the statistics of 9x10^20 POT (neutrino) и 7х10^20 POT(antineutrino).