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Today, the All-Russian Science Festival NAUKA0+ has opened in Moscow and will continue till 14 October. This 13th festival will be the largest of all previous ones. The festival is intended for a very wide audience and aimed at explaining in lay language what scientists do, how scientific research improves quality of life, and what prospects it opens up. 

The main events will be held in the Fundamental Library and Shuvalov Building of Moscow State University and in the Expo Centre in Krasnaya Presnya. The JINR exposition in the Fundamental Library includes two mock-ups from our laboratory: the DLNP Medico-Technical Complex (JINR MTC) for proton therapy of tumours and the deep water neutrino telescope for the Baikal experiment. 



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In the Shuvalov Building, Dmitry Naumov will give a lecture on the study of dark matter in the Universe, Nikolai Anfimov will speak about the work of a scientific researcher and an engineer at JINR and about the most interesting projects, and Mark Shirshenko will talk about investigation and detection of neutrinos.

In the Expo Centre, lectures will be given to the younger science amateurs. A lecturer from DLNP will be Sergey Shvidky, who will talk about proton treatment of tumours at the JINR MTC.

The schedule of lectures is available on the Festival site.