Vladimir Sergeevich Kurbatov speaks about his general laboratory seminar held at DLNP, where he reported the results of measuring differential cross sections for the reaction pp → {pp}sπ0, where {pp}s is the 1S0 state of two protons (diproton) with the excitation energy Epp<3 MeV. The measurements were performed at the ANKE facility of the COSY accelerator (Jülich, Germany) at 12 proton beam energies in the interval of 0.8 to 2.8 GeV. The angular range of the diproton in the centre-of-mass system was 0◦ < θpp ≤? 18◦, where θpp is the diproton angle.

The results in the form of differential cross sections were analyzed together with those earlier obtained by the collaboration. The energy dependence of the cross section for the range of 0◦ < θpp?≤ 18◦ has a distinct peak at the beam energies in the interval of 1.5–2.2 GeV. In addition, the differential cross section increases in this interval on approaching the zero angle in contrast to situation at all other energies beyond this interval. This may indicate that in this energy region dynamics of the process is radically different from that at other energies. The mass and width of the peak obtained by fitting within the simplest isobaric model may correspond to the excitation of ∆(1620) in the intermediate state. See the full version of the seminar here.