IMG 7582Dear friends, colleagues!

I congratulate you on the 62nd anniversary of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research!

We celebrate this event summing up the milestones of the 25-year stage of modern JINR development that is connected with political and economic changes in the USSR and some other JINR Member States. This process opened “a new era” of JINR international status development. In 2018, this 25-year jubilee will be celebrated on merit. In February, at the meeting of the JINR Scientific Council, we reported on numerous significant results in the main fields acquired during the past year that have been presupposed by the Seven-Year Plan. 

The JINR flagship projects NICA and the Superheavy Elements Factory grow in popularity. The JINR Scientific Council highly appreciated research in the fields of condensed matter physics and nuclear physics at the IBR-2 facility, development of the JINR neutrino physics programme at the Kalinin Nuclear Power Station, as well as within international collaborations and at lake Baikal.

On behalf of the JINR Directorate, I express my deep gratitude to all who stood at the origins of the Institute, who brought it worldwide fame and popularity by their selfless labour. Due to the support of governments of the JINR Member States, and especially the government of the Russian Federation which has granted our Institute excellent working conditions to our remarkable personnel, the Institute is confident in its future. 

I wish you all good health, prosperity, and new achievements in scientific research and development of innovative and educational programmes in the name of high values of international scientific cooperation, for the future of our wonderful international research centre!

JINR Director, 
Academician Viktor Matveev