The March issue of the journal Physics–Uspekhi is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of JINR. It includes the following papers:

V.A. Matveev “JINR as the initiator of future discoveries” 
V.A. Bednyakov, D.V. Naumov, and O.Yu. Smirnov “Neutrino physics and JINR”

E.V. Lychagin, D.P. Kozlenko, P.V. Sedyshev, and V.N. Shvetsov “Neutron physics at JINR—60 years to the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics”

A.O. Sidorin, G.V. Trubnikov, and N.A. Shurkhno “Experimental and theoretical research at JINR to develop stochastic cooling of charged particle beams”

V.L. Aksenov and A.M. Balagurov “Neuton diffraction at pulsed sources”

M.K. Eseev and I.N. Meshkov “Traps for storing charged particles and antiparticles in precision experiments”