On 27 March, the authors of popular books for children and teenagers Andrei Zhvalevsky and Evgeniya Paternak come for the first time to Dubna. In the Blokhintsev Universal Library of JINR they will two meetings, with young and grown-up readers. This event is associated with the 60th anniversary of JINR and the Children’s Book Week. 

Both writers are physicists by education living in Minsk (Belarus is a JINR Member State). Their books are dynamic, realistic stories with vivid characters and familiar types embracing current topics of interest for today’s school students from problems with studying and relations with friends to the first love and drugs. Their bestsellers “There Is Always Good Time”, “Gymnasium No 13”, “The True Story of Father Frost”, and “Mosquest” are difficult to find in a library, being constantly borrowed, read, and recommended for reading.

Books by A. Zhvalevsky and E. Pasternak are winners of various readers’ contests, laureates and finalists of the prizes Dearest Wish, Kniguru, Krapivin Prize, Start-Up, Alisa, and many others. 

15.00 - Meeting with readers 12 to 15 years old: about books and life.
17.00 - Meeting with parents and teachers: about children’s reading and nonreading, contemporary children’s and teenagers’ literature, and all the rest.

Admission free
Address: ul. Blokhintseva, 13.