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Imagine you rush in the morning out of the house and leave your mobile phone behind. In office you realize that you have to make an important call. Even if you find another mobile phone, the phone number is inside of yours! Nobody answers your e-mail, and the matter is urgent…
We cannot recollect the times when there were no mobile phones in our lives. Some of us did not even catch a brief glimpse of that epoch. Nevertheless, problems were solved, things were done, and people were in touch. And there were telephones! Fixed-line ones.
In the photo, there is a landline telephone and telephone books from the last century. Of Bruno Pontecorvo.
We took a picture of this telephone box behind one of the Institute buildings. It is a mystery how it survived.
It seems that the life of a physicist from the 20th century was not as hectic as now. Did you not reach your colleagues at their workplace via the phone? Then you had to wait until they appear. Moreover, there was no place where messages could be sent, you just had to turn the dial again and again.
And although we spend our time scrolling down social network feeds, we scarcely want to return to that mobile-phone-free time, don’t we?

photo 2020 09 11 15 43 39 photo 2020 09 11 15 43 39 photo 2020 09 11 15 43 39