The Dzhelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems along with the entire Institute prepares to celebrate the 65th anniversary of JINR.
It sounds incredible today, but glorious discoveries of the last century and the first basic institute facilities were made and assembled without powerful computers, constant mobile communication and CNC-machine tools.
How was it possible?

We are going to talk about it in our new regular Friday column. We named it “XX century. Everyday life of a researcher”. Objects of interest from the Museum-Study of Bruno Pontecorvo located in the main building of the Dzelepov Laboratory of Nuclear Problems (DLNP) will constitute the documental and material foundation of the column. Now, museum pieces are being classified and new ones added, the museum is being equipped with multimedia facilities, and it will soon welcome employees and guests of JINR.
Searching for objects and equipment of the 20th century, we are going to visit DLNP workshops and office rooms and, using recently found artefacts, bring our past to life on social networking pages of DLNP.