Dear friends! Next Friday we will enter the new year 2021, and that is, the today’s issue of our column is the last one!

We are always happy to get your comments and remarks. This time, we need them for sure.

Let’s recall the way JINR employees celebrated New Year in the last century. Where did they buy New Year’s trees? Where did they celebrate corporate parties? Where did they meet their friends? At the “Mir” Culture Centre? At the Scientists’ Club? At the “Ogonek” or “Neutrino” café? What did they do having a good time in Joliot-Curie Square under the fir tree?

Someone will recollect sparkling New Year’s markets at the “Detsky Mir” department store, the “Spartak” sports shop or other places. Another one will smell soldering—handmade string lights could so easily be torn up. A third one will remember sweet presents from Father Frost’s gift bag with an indispensable tangerine.
Share your memories and photographs in the comments at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! Ask your parents and grandparents how it was.

Photos are from the JINR Photo Archive.

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