Well, this year they are already over. And in the 20th century, November holidays were celebrated on 7 November, the day of the October Revolution, embracing the nearest weekend.
Those were the holidays, of course! Firstly, one more day off. Secondly, compulsory demonstration attendance. A great opportunity to present oneself and to watch the others. And in the evening, to visit relatives or friends.

Schoolchildren made crepe paper flowers at technology lessons. Then, they were waving these flowers and approaching the leadership tribune on the Mira Square while the announcer declared: “Meet the column of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research! Our greetings to the work collective succeeded in the fulfillment of the five-year plan, hurray!” And everyone shouted: “Hurray!” and waved their flowers.

Along with flowers, work collectives imaginatively decorated cars, which headed the columns, and made portable portraits of the Politburo members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

And as in present days, November holidays coincided with school vacations.

In the video: JINR department columns at the demonstration in 1985; on the tribune—Academician I. M. Frank and others. In the photo: On the tribune—Academician B. Pontecorvo; the festively decorated car of a JINR column carries children (all materials are from the JINR Photo Archive).

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