On 4 January 2021, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research received the patent for the invention “Laser inclinometer for long-lasting detection of the Earth surface angular inclination”. The authors are Yulian Aramovich Budagov and Mikhail Vasilevich Lyablin.

More about the invention

The invention refers to control and measuring technology. It can be used for precision measurements of Earth surface angular inclinations under thermal instability of the environment. The device comprises a stationary platform set on a rocky ground, a movable platform fixed on it with three identical positioners. A laser, a cuvette with a liquid, a focusing lens, a position-sensitive photodetector (PSPD) and a processing unit are placed on the movable platform. While the Earth surface is inclining, the laser beam reflected off the liquid changes its angular position, which is detected and analyzed by the PSPD and the processing unit. The change in ambient temperature entails unwanted laser beam shifts.

патентБудагов ЛяблинThe following temperature resistive elements are used in the invention:

1. A lens which focuses the laser beam on the PSPD. After the laser beam passes the lens, its parallel shift does not impact the focus position. Also, the shift of the signal angular inclination of the beam is recorded. This excludes the impact of the parallel noise shift of the laser beam on the measurement results.

2. Three identical supporting positioners. They place the surface of the movable platform parallel to the surface of the stationary platform. And any temperature drift in the environment does not cause unwanted inclinations of the stationary platform. All this makes Earth surface angular inclination measurements temperature-independent.

The technical outcome is increase in temperature resistance of Earth surface angular inclination measurements, which permits using the device during considerable temperature drifts of the environment.