патентБудаговThe JINR Department of Licensing and Intellectual Property announces that on 16 October 2020 the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research got a patent for the invention “Device for measuring surface inclination angles”. The authors are Yulian Aramovich Budagov and Mikhail Vasilyevich Lyablin.


More about the invention

The invention refers to control-measuring technology, a device for measuring inclination angles of a surface. The device includes a stabilized single-mode laser source mounted on the platform, a cell with viscous dielectric liquid located in the laser beam path and a position-sensitive photodetector with a signal registration unit for determining the position of the laser beam reflected off the liquid surface. In addition, the device also comprises a plane-parallel plate located in the beam path and connected to the platform, the second position-sensitive photodetector with a registration unit mounted on the platform for detecting an angular noise motion signal of the laser beam, and a processing block used to subtract the angular noise motion signal of the laser beam from the main signal. The technological outcome is increase in device sensitivity.