Febraury, 19 2016 Nigel Lockyer - FNAL Director General and Sergey Nagatsev - head of FNAL Accelerator Division visted DLNP JINR and meet its personnel. V.A. Bednyakov - DLNP Director, D.V. Naumov - DLNP Deputy Director, A.G. Olshevsky, Yu.A. Budagov, M.V. Lyablin, D.Chokheli participated in the meeting.

2016 02 19 10.05.31 1

The participants discussed JINR Neutrino Program, common JINR-FNAL projects and other topics from high energy physics and experiment methodology.



The most detailed discussions were devoted to JINR neutrino experiments - BAIKAL GVD and experiments at Kalinin Nuclear Power Stattion.

The participants also visited the memorial office of Bruno Pontecorvo - great scientist working at DLNP JINR.

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After visiting the Pontecorvo's office our US colleagues visited so called "Green Lab" - a brand new laboratory aiming to a thourough study, tests and characterization of photo-multipliers. Nikolai Anphimov - head of this lab made a tour to his laboratory and addressed many questions raised by our guests.

SAM 0964 

SAM 0971

During the visit to the "Green Lab" Fermliab Director took an opportunity to use NOVA's control room installed in JINR - the first control room of this kind outside of USA.


Nigel Lockyer talked in real time to his colleague from Fermilab and asked him to take more data and work harder.

N.Lockyer talks to his colleague (video)


All participants of the meeting were recordered inside the NOVA control room. One could observe two more guests of the "Green Lab" - our collaborators from Germany who visited us the same day to discuss about a methodology of massive tests of PMTs for the JUNO Experiment.