2020 10 13 16.40.58Last year, in December, we already told you about the delivery of a cryostat for polarization experiments at the ELSA accelerator in Bonn. Scientists from the Section of Low Temperatures (DLNP, JINR) are involved in the Crystal Barrel experiment. They perform runs with the current polarized target based on the 3He/4He dilution cryostat. This polarized target is being created by concerted efforts of DLNP and two universities (in Mainz and Bonn) to conduct dual polarization experiments (beam+target). The cryostat for the target was designed and fabricated at the Section of Low Temperatures under the guidance of Candidate of Technical Sciences Yuri Andreevich Usov. Now, the manufacturing of a new dilution cryostat for the Crystal Barrel experiment is in full flow according to the contract between JINR and the University of Bonn. In the photo, Ivan Gorodnov and Anton Dolzhikov are assembling and testing the new dilution cryostat at the Cryogenic Laboratory of the University of Bonn.

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