2020 10 02 15.22.30 copyThe booklet “Amazing neutrino transformations” written by Yu. A. Shitov, V. B. Brudanin and M. V. Fomina has been released at the JINR Publishing Department. The issue is devoted to the birthday of Vyacheslav Georgievich Egorov (02.10.1953―07.07.2019). A striking and captivating story about the evolution of neutrino research is simple and easy-to-follow, now and then really amusing. The authors’ objective was to demonstrate the role of the scientist’s personality in fundamental discoveries and investigations. The booklet also describes the DANSS neutrino project whose initiator and leader Vyacheslav Georgievich Egorov was. Finally, the TOP-10 scientific problems in neutrino physics worth the Nobel Prize are presented in the last part of this essay.

You can find an e-booklet here. A hard copy is available from Elena Dubovik in Room 216 in the DLNP Directorate Building or from Tatiana Anatolievna Morozova in Room 219 in the Experimental Department of Nuclear Spectroscopy and Radiochemistry.