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An overwhelming world of rapidly-evolving phenomena is squeezed into one second. Objects, matter, atoms, nuclei—specific processes unfold at every special scale in various time ranges. With this series of compact educational lectures, we will walk down the stairs of time ranges—milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds, picoseconds and even deeper. We will focus on the interplay of phenomena, and historical sketches about the first attempts of novice researchers in different areas will complement the narration.

 23.09 15:00 Lecture 1. Milliseconds and microseconds. Phenomena of the world around and photo experiments with things at hand. Vibration of microscopic drops. How to catch a 1-kHz flickering with an unaided eye.

 30.09 15:00  Lecture 2. Early history of high-speed photography. The birth of photography. Exposure time: hours, minutes, seconds. “Momentary” photography. Muybridge’s horses and Marey’s chronophotography. Mach’s microsecond image.

 07.10 15:00  Lecture 3. Acoustics. Human frequency range and home experiments. Phonetics and formants. Acoustics history across the 19th century. Sound absorption.

 14.10 15:00  Lecture 4. Ultrasound and phononics. History of ultrasonic studies and hydroacoustics: from bats to the sonar. Ultrasound in medicine: diagnostics and therapy. Hypersound and phonons: the tools of modern phononics.

 21.10 15:00  Lecture 5. Atoms. Sudden atomistic insight of the 19th century. Molecular size and Avogadro number: from Loschmidt to Perrin. Molecular size evaluation based on thermal characteristics of matter. Deep into an atom: discovery of the electron (J. J. Thompson and many others).

 28.10 15:00  Lecture 6. Nanoseconds and picoseconds. Molecular motion: Speed and time scale evaluation. Protein folding. “Life” of positrons in a crystal. The first picosecond of ultra-high-speed melting.

 Series of Educational Lectures by Igor Ivanov “Time Scales: Travelling Deep into the Second with Historical Sketches”