2020 09 16 12.33.31The JINR Department of Licences and Intellectual Property announces that the patent for the invention “Hybrid pixel detector of ionizing radiation" was granted to the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research on 14 August 2020. The authors are Danila Aleksandrovich Kozhevnikov, Georgy Alexandrovich Chelkov, Piotr Igorevich Smolyansky.

More about the invention:

The invention refers to semiconductor detectors of ionizing radiation. The hybrid pixel detector of ionizing radiation contains a semiconductor structured sensor for detecting ionizing radiation, including both a matrix of column elements electrically isolated from each other by a thin dielectric layer and a readout chip bump-bonded to the sensor with the thickness of 4 mm and the pixel sensor size of 55 µm or 110 µm. The technological outcome is increase in radiation detection efficiency and also improvement in detector space and energy resolution.