The new GNN Monthly issue goes into details about the detection of events that can be candidates for astrophysical neutrinos from the blazar PKS 0735+17 and about the plans of the GNN partners for the year 2022, and also presents summaries of recently published papers on neutrino astronomy.

The current GNN Monthly issue

Christian Spiering (DESY, Germany), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, closely follows advances in the scientific life of researchers and shares news from the GNN participants in his monthly bulletin “GNN Monthly”. We believe that our readers will find their interest in what is going on in the world of large neutrino telescopes at present. That is why we start a new column “News from Large Neutrino Telescopes” where we are going to tell you about the most remarkable moments in the work of people who shape future science already today.


20210331_вид_на_лагерь_с_берега.jpgPhoto by Bair Shaybonov