Bruno Maksimovich Pontecorvo was an avid cyclist and knew how to ride a bike both with no hands and sitting hind-foremost. It is how he was pictured on the caricature by Mikhail Bilenky, the son of a close friend of Bruno Pontecorvo, Samoil Mihelevich Bilenky. This friendly caricature, as well as bronze statues near the Culture Centre “Mir”, depicts the academician with a “Kama” bicycle. And in the photograph from the archive of the Museum-Study of the scientist, Bruno Maksimovich is standing near the bicycle which resembles the “Lastochka” model.

IMG 20210806 133627 979Caricature by Mikhail Bilenky to the 75th birthday of Bruno Pontecorvoс велосипедомBruno Pontecorvo with a bicycle
IMG 20210806 133000 222Statues of Bruno Pontecorvo and Venedikt Dzhelepov
by sculptors D. Yarmin and V. Sergeev, Dubna